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Renewable Energy Experience Center

Discover the future of energy at our Renewable Energy Experience Centre. Interactive exhibits and immersive displays showcase renewable energy’s potential, perfect for learners of all ages and professionals interested in sustainability.

  • Educational groups
  • Corporate teams
  • Environmental organizations
  • Individuals interested in sustainability.


Host your next event in our cutting-edge Sustainable Oasis Conference Hall. Perfect for seminars, workshops, and meetings focused on sustainability and green technologies.


High-Speed InternetParking Facility
Pantry AreaNatural Light
Printing FacilitiesGreen Roofs
Relaxation CornerAudio Equipment
Ergonomic WorkspaceSoundproof
Air ConditionedStationary
Digital Screen 

Corporates, educational institutions, environmental NGOs, and government agencies looking to foster dialogue and collaboration in the field of renewable energy.

Incubation Center

Our Incubation Center provide a nurturing environment for startups focused on renewable energy and environmental innovations, offering resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities.


High-Speed InternetNatural Light
Pantry AreaGreen Roofs
Printing FacilitiesAudio Equipment
Relaxation CornerStationary
Ergonomic WorkspaceParking Facility
Air ConditionedWater Facility

Startups, entrepreneurs, and innovators seeking to make a difference in the renewable energy sector.


Empower minds and foster learning in our purpose-built Educational and Workshop Rooms! Designed to inspire curiosity and innovation, these dynamic spaces are ideal for educational programs, training sessions, and interactive workshops.


High-Speed InternetNatural Light
Pantry AreaGreen Roofs
Printing FacilitiesAudio Equipment
Relaxation CornerSoundproof
Ergonomic WorkspaceStationary
Air ConditionedWhite Board
Parking Facility 

Individuals, students, professionals, trainers, and community groups interested.


Explore So-Haat, our eco-friendly marketplace, featuring sustainable products and crafts that support local artisans and promote green living.

Shoppers looking for eco-conscious products, gifts, and innovations that contribute to a sustainable lifestyle.

Exhibition Arena

Our Exhibition Spaces showcase the latest in green technologies, sustainable solutions, and environmental art, providing a platform for innovators and artists to share their work.

Innovators, companies, artists, and the public interested in the intersection of technology, art, and sustainability.

Influencer Spotlight Hub

A vibrant space designed to showcase and support influencers, particularly those focused on sustainability, wellness, and healthy living. This area could feature state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment for content creation, live streams, and interactive sessions with followers.

Social media influencers, content creators, and digital entrepreneurs specializing in areas like wellness, environmental sustainability, and healthy lifestyles. It offers a platform for these influencers to engage with their audience, host events, and collaborate with brands aligned with their values.


A serene and well-equipped studio offering a range of yoga classes that cater to all levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners. The focus would be on promoting physical health, mental well-being, and spiritual growth. 

Individuals seeking to improve their physical fitness, mental clarity, and spiritual well-being through the practice of yoga. It would cater to both the local community and visitors, providing a welcoming environment for everyone from yoga novices to seasoned practitioners.

Roots Cafe

A health-focused cafe that emphasizes sustainable, locally sourced, and organic ingredients. The menu would feature a variety of nutritious and delicious options, including vegan and vegetarian dishes, smoothies, and health-conscious snacks. 

Health-conscious individuals, foodies, and environmental enthusiasts looking for a dining experience that supports local farmers, promotes sustainable agriculture, and offers nutritious food options. The cafe would appeal to those interested in learning more about healthy eating habits and sustainable living.

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