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Powering Tomorrow's Sustainable Innovations

At Sustainable Oasis, our visionary ecosystem is dedicated to advancing renewable energy adoption and sustainable practices.


Empowering Minds for a Green Tomorrow

Discover and grow with our Educational and Workshop Rooms, where learners of all ages dive into renewable energy and sustainable practices, shaping eco-conscious ambassadors for a greener tomorrow.


Igniting Solutions for a Sustainable Future

Our Incubation Centre and Product Launching Platform fuel innovation, turning visionary ideas into sustainable solutions that lead the charge towards a cleaner, greener future.


Revitalizing Through Nature

Explore serenity and sustainability at Sustainable Oasis. With offerings like our Yoga Centre and Open Air Theatre, every moment is an opportunity to relax, learn, and connect with the environment, encouraging a lifestyle harmonious with nature.

Our Venue

Where innovation meets sustainability

Renewable Energy Experience Center

Engage students with interactive tours on renewable energy, inspiring future sustainability.


Hands-on sessions in pottery, gardening, best out of waste, model making, and team-building activities.


Host your conferences and events in our eco-friendly hall, designed to inspire innovation and collaboration amidst natural beauty.

SOUL an Open Library

Resource-rich library offering diverse books and materials, set in a serene natural environment.


Discover a wide variety of plants and receive expert gardening advice to cultivate your green thumb and support sustainable living.

Numismatics Discovery Lab

Journey through global currencies history and cultural impact, unveiling their roles in shaping societies.


Boost your productivity in our vibrant co-working space, equipped with modern amenities and surrounded by nature’s tranquility.

Roots Cafe

Indulge in sustainable dining with locally sourced, organic cuisine in the tranquil embrace of nature.

Research Lab

Engage in cutting-edge research and development projects aimed at advancing sustainable technologies and practices.


Explore a variety of eco-friendly products at our marketplace, supporting local artisans and promoting sustainable living.

Organic Farmers Market

Enjoy the freshest produce and organic goods from local farmers, supporting sustainable agriculture.

Eco Awareness

Embark on a nature walk in our informative area to learn about native trees, birds, and sustainability.

Our Testimonials

Discover heartfelt testimonials and insightful reviews that reflect our commitment to sustainability, exceptional service, and memorable experiences.

Anurag Agarwal
Anurag Agarwal
I used there co-working space recently and it was great. They have an open library there, roots cafe just behind the building premises, so overall a great experience while working,you will not get bored and specially in rainy atmosphere leisure valley looks phenomenal.
Anjali Gupta
Anjali Gupta
Our 7 year old recently completed his 5 days summer camp and she really enjoyed a lott. They provided us amazing workshops like science experiments, paper meshing, pottery, art and craft and many more. She really have a good time there.
Anjali Art
Anjali Art
My niece joined their summer camp and had a wonderful time. They offer innovative workshops and arts and crafts activities, all with an emphasis on sustainability. It was a great experience overall.
My niece enjoyed her visit to there Centre, it was a nice experience for her.I was glad to see that she gathered some knowledge about Renewable energy through their exhibits and workshops. Keep this good work up, its really needed for a greener tomorrow.đź‘Ť
Payal Agarwal
Payal Agarwal
Recently I got an opportunity to join their book club Event,it was a great experience their.Nice amenities and catering best part is it was surrounded by the beautiful green boundaries of leisure valley park. A great overall experience.
Vaibhav Rajput
Vaibhav Rajput
Best place to host your events in the green boundaries of leisure valley park. They even educate people over renewable energy through their exhibits, Overall a great experience.
Trina Roy
Trina Roy
We recently signed up our six-year-old for a summer camp hosted by Sustainable Oasis, and it was fantastic! Our son had a blast during the five-day camp and wants it to never end. The activities, resources, and support were excellent. We highly recommend Sustainable Oasis to other parents—it's a fantastic place for learning, bonding, exchanging ideas, and exploring sustainable living practices.

Explore Partnership

How can we team Up for Impactful Initiatives !

Partner with Sustainable Oasis to drive sustainability. Engage in mentoring, research, and showcasing eco-innovations.

School Journeys to Sustainability

Engage students with interactive tours on renewable energy, inspiring future sustainability.

Sustainable Corporate Meetups

Connect corporates in a space dedicated to innovation and networking in sustainability.

Incubation and Innovation Support

Support our incubation center, mentor startups, drive innovation, and secure coworking seats.

Sponsorship and Brand Integration

Sponsor events and exhibits, integrating your brand into our renewable energy initiatives.


Collaborate for sustainable events in our eco-conscious venue, inspiring and educating together.

Product Showcases and Demonstrations

Showcase new green products in our park spaces for targeted audience exposure.

Joint Awareness Campaigns

Collaborate on sustainability campaigns for wider impact through joint outreach.

Sustainable Workshops

Host workshops on sustainable living, energy conservation, and zero-waste, empowering eco-friendly choices.

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Powering Tomorrow’s Sustainable Innovations

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